Weekender #70

Note: This week was extremely busy with the ending of school (at work) and other personal items to take care of, so this will be a very abbreviated Weekender.

  • Birb watch: As quickly as they arrived, they disappeared. All 4 of the baby myna birds have departed the area and with them, the daily mad frenzy of baby bird feeding. Only myna parents Handsome and Matey remain. I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of their brood this time around, as I don’t currently have a camera body to use with my long tele lens at this time. Handsome and Matey still drop by each day to get their snacks, so that part of my routine has not changed.

  • If you’re missing the mini player from the iTunes app of the past, you’re in luck! A developer has created the Music MiniPlayer for macOS which mimics the look of classic the iTunes MiniPlayer to control Apple Music on modern macOS.

  • In other old skool Mac happenings, I noticed that a different developer has created an retro monochrome Mac theme with icons and dynamic wallpapers to turn your current Mac into a “classic” one.

  • I’m not trying to Rick Roll you, but Rick Astley’s 1987 album Whenever You Need Somebody is a favorite of mine. This week, the 2022 Deluxe edition remaster was released with a bunch reimagined tracks, B sides, extended versions and mixes. So many great songs combined with Astley’s soulful vocals, all from a simpler time. Listen on Apple Music.