Weekender #120: Birbs, Bluesky and Indy

  • Birb watch: Amazingly, baby myna is still hanging around, much to the chagrin of Handsome and Matey myna (parents). The duo is constantly flying at baby myna, and sometimes will attack them. Nothing seems to be scaring baby away, and they seem intent on learning Handsome and Matey’s tactics of getting us to come to the door and give them food.

  • Audubon has created a guide to a very important topic that is near and dear to my heart called “When Is a Bird a ‘Birb’?”

  • I finally made time to do a short write-up about installing a VESA mount on my wife’s iMac 5K external display. I skipped showing the details of gutting the display and installing the driver card since I already wrote about it earlier.

    • I did a few things differently when converting her iMac to an external display. I used a different driver board, the R1811, and added the ability to power off the driver board by using the built-in power button on the iMac.
  • A long-time online friend sent me an invite code to Bluesky. I’m @kimonostereo.bsky.social if you’d like to follow me there. As usual, most of my posts are syndicated to Mastodon, Bluesky and soon to be discontinued on Twitter from my micro.blog feed.

This week’s Link List

Machine Learning

  • The Verge did a deep dive into how people are really using AI (and what they’re afraid of). Polling 2000 people to see how they’re using “AI”, the article covers who’s using it and asks a lot of great questions of the participants. If you’re short on time, the beautifully done infographics will give you a lot of information quickly.


  • CallToInspiration is a collection of UI/UX screenshots that someone put into categories. I suppose it could be used for inspiring your next project.


  • As Reddit burns itself down, I found another alternative called Squabbles which seems to be a cross between Reddit and Twitter. An interesting way of merging the two types of communities into one platform.

  • Lemmymap gives an overview of the alternative, federated Reddit alternative.

  • Darius Kazemi has created a simple Twitter archiver that makes the archive public and searchable.

Software and hardware


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