“Scary Fast” Apple Event Predictions

This is a very unusual event as it’s happening at night, and I don’t think Apple has ever done a release event at night. I speculate they’re doing it so that folks in Asia will be able to live stream it at 9am in their time zone. I don’t think this event will be a live, although I’ve heard Gruber say that he got an invite by Apple…

Here are my hopes and predictions for tonight’s Apple event:

  • Updated (finally) 24” iMac with M3
  • Debut of the 32” iMac with M3
  • New 12” M3 MacBook Ultra book (I can only hope they do this one day…)
  • USB-C for Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse
  • Some kind of gaming tie in with a top tier game producer
  • If there are any iPads announced, they won’t be Pro iPads
  • Tim Cook will say “Good Evening!”