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Oh My Pizza is written by Scott Yoshinaga. It's a continuation of a blog he started back in 2002.

All writing is published using Movable Type using John Gruber's Markdown. Articles and links are written using Mac and iOS devices with Drafts. All writing is my own and does not reflect the views of my employer.

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Mac Apps: Drafts, NetNewsWire, Nova, Transmit, Things, Airmail, 1Password, Retrobatch, Acorn, Due, Day One, Deliveries, Tweetbot, Micro.blog, Pastebot, Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, Fantastical and Shortcuts

iOS Apps: Drafts, NetNewsWire, Due, Things, Day One, Airmail, Deliveries, Micro.blog, Sunlit, Shortcuts, Overcast, Fantastical, 1Password

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