April 15, 2024

Maybe I have one too many of these…

Three versions of the same camera: (Left to right) Ricoh GR III Street Edition, GR IIIx, GRIIIx HDF


April 14, 2024

Echo Testing…


April 8, 2024

I felt it coming since Friday, but I thought I was able to beat it. Unfortunately, the fever has finally come. Getting sick sucks. I have lots of stuff to do but life has other plans.


March 31, 2024

Completed pedal electronics gut shot.

Inside the AionFX Dynamo pedal.


AionFX Dynamo (aka Bixonic Expandora) completed! It was fun to build and adds a different overdrive/distortion/fuzz tone to my collection that I didn’t have previously.

Completed pedal in a very neat chromish finish.


March 30, 2024

AionFX Dynamo progress: PCB components soldered. Next step, switches, pots and wiring into enclosure.

AionFX Dynamo PCB mostly populated.


March 29, 2024

On to the next project: AionFX Dynamo. This is a clone of the Bixonic Expandora effect pedal.

AionFX Dynamo effect pedal parts layed out, labeled and ready to be built.


March 27, 2024

Ricoh announces the new GR III HDF and GR IIIx HDF. This adds a built in highlight diffusion filter (HDF), but removes the option for the built-in ND filter of the original. Oh and a silver shutter button. I guess if you were waiting for a Ricoh GR IV, you’re gonna need to wait a bit more!


Canva says Affinity users won’t be forced into paying subscriptions.

“If we do offer a subscription, it will only ever be as an option alongside the perpetual model, for those who prefer it”