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March 31, 2024

Completed pedal electronics gut shot.

Inside the AionFX Dynamo pedal.


AionFX Dynamo (aka Bixonic Expandora) completed! It was fun to build and adds a different overdrive/distortion/fuzz tone to my collection that I didn’t have previously.

Completed pedal in a very neat chromish finish.


March 30, 2024

AionFX Dynamo progress: PCB components soldered. Next step, switches, pots and wiring into enclosure.

AionFX Dynamo PCB mostly populated.


March 29, 2024

On to the next project: AionFX Dynamo. This is a clone of the Bixonic Expandora effect pedal.

AionFX Dynamo effect pedal parts layed out, labeled and ready to be built.


March 27, 2024

Ricoh announces the new GR III HDF and GR IIIx HDF. This adds a built in highlight diffusion filter (HDF), but removes the option for the built-in ND filter of the original. Oh and a silver shutter button. I guess if you were waiting for a Ricoh GR IV, you’re gonna need to wait a bit more!


Canva says Affinity users won’t be forced into paying subscriptions.

“If we do offer a subscription, it will only ever be as an option alongside the perpetual model, for those who prefer it”


March 26, 2024

Canva acquires Serif, the company that produces the Affinity apps.


March 22, 2024

Starting up another project in a hobby I know very little about… If all goes well, I’ll have a Norns shieldXL when I’m done.

Norns sheildXL kit by Deki Oto. Norns kit parts are layed out on table with Raspberry Pi 4B and a micro SD Card.


March 11, 2024

Things were working for about 3 days on here and then stopped at around 2024-03-10 19:38:57. 🤔


March 9, 2024

It’s been a few days and my feeds haven’t had any errors on I’m not gonna jinx it by proclaiming that the issue is resolved yet though.


March 7, 2024

Trying to be ruthless with any music saved into the MusicBox app for listening later. Once I listen to an album, I try to decide if I want to listen to it again. If I do, I’ll add it to my Apple Music library and remove it from MusicBox.


March 3, 2024



March 2, 2024

I’ve heard from a friend that the new Fuji X100vi is back-ordered everywhere. I get it, since there was pent up demand for the X100v being in such short supply for so long. I hope the folks that get their hands on one aren’t disappointed when they finally get it.


I must sound like a crazy person… But my blog feeds on started to work again without needing to bypass Cloudflare caches. I wish I could see what causes the actual error. I wonder how long this will last this time.


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